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A cash loan is a small credit line with a short payment term. Usually ranging from $100 to $1,000, the loans are used to help those in need pay bills, make car repairs, cover household emergencies, or help with other financial emergencies. Short term loans are a good way of getting the money you need fast, but require that you repay the debt when your next paycheck arrives.

Our lenders may offer you a loan with an APR between 390% and 780%. A 14-day, $200 loan with interest and fees of $30 charged is an example of a loan with a 390% APR. The simple interest rate on this loan, however, is 15%. The APR is a measure of the interest one would pay if a loan was rolled over continually for the duration of a full year, which is not permissible by most state laws.

If you do not pay your loan according to its terms, your lender may:

Please refer to our Terms page for more detailed information.

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